Meerkat kissed the Giraffe

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Strange love duets - Animal Photography

wildlife produced here a series of very beautiful (although odd) pictures of wild animal interaction

wild animal photo of a meerkat gently touching a giraffes face. This photo has been publish on English newspapers and online magazines | wildlife picture

Trying no to spoil fun of seeing the rest of the shots and read the story has it happened, Alfonso Paz would like to invite to read, first hand, the story, and see the pictures, that got published on England's newspapers and online edition. Its one of those rare wild animal stories|photos which do not happen twice in a lifetime. One of the smallest creatures on earth decided to pay a visit to one of the largest animal around. Giraffe and meerkat got together in one of the most amazing animal duets in nature. There was time to gentle kisses, eye to eye contact exchange, dance, play, bite and fight. It was fun to see, joyful to photograph and the animals themselves ended quietly and peacefully, with no harm done.

Take a moment in time, visit the "meerkat and giraffe kiss" news, relax and enjoy... Life outside will still be there waiting for you.

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